New products

Support Services

Use this to purchase support services in multiples of $25.
$99.99 (USD)

OBD2 Port Scanner/Reader - USB Version

This device will read codes and real time sensor data from any vehicle that is 1996 or newer.
$75.00 (USD)

Water Reservoir - 2.5 Gal with 3/8" Fittings

2.5 Gallon Reservoir.
$80.00 (USD)

Installation Kit for HHO Generators

Vital Components for a Complete Installation
$279.00 (USD)

Service Upgrade

This listing covers a variety of service related charges.
$85.00 (USD)

1.5 Quart Reservoir

1.5 Quart Custom Water Reservoir
$45.00 (USD)

Newest HHO Dryer Design

Waterless Dryer Delivers Your HHO Gas Clean and Dry
$43.00 (USD)

12 feet of Braided PVC Hose

Hose Length for HHO Gas and Electrolyte Solution
$12.95 (USD)