HHO Dry Cells

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Acrylic Cell Do It Yourself Kit

Acrylic Cell Do It Yourself Kit Cell Design for Demonstration and Installation.
229,00 kr (SEK) 159,00 kr (SEK)

DC450 Advanced Dry Cell

A Rock Solid Dry Cell Work Horse for HHO Production
274,00 kr (SEK) 176,00 kr (SEK)

DC900 Double Stack

Double Stack Design Handles Large V8 Engines
349,00 kr (SEK) 198,00 kr (SEK)

ES-16 Commercial and Marine Dry Cell

Build Your Custom Commercial HHO System
835,00 kr (SEK)

KOH (Potassium Hydroxide) Electrolyte

KOH is the Industry Standard for a Powerful Electrolyte
9,95 kr (SEK)