HHO Dry Cells

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Acrylic Cell Do It Yourself Kit

Acrylic Cell Do It Yourself Kit Cell Design for Demonstration and Installation.
229,00 ₽ (RUB) 159,00 ₽ (RUB)

DC450 Advanced Dry Cell

A Rock Solid Dry Cell Work Horse for HHO Production
274,00 ₽ (RUB) 176,00 ₽ (RUB)

DC900 Double Stack

Double Stack Design Handles Large V8 Engines
349,00 ₽ (RUB) 198,00 ₽ (RUB)

ES-16 Commercial and Marine Dry Cell

Build Your Custom Commercial HHO System
835,00 ₽ (RUB)

KOH (Potassium Hydroxide) Electrolyte

KOH is the Industry Standard for a Powerful Electrolyte
9,95 ₽ (RUB)