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Computer Management Options
Computer Management Options This is a simple overview of the three most popular choices of handling vehicle computers. Fuel Saver Flash Chip If the vehicle is newer than 1996 (OBD-2 compatibl
DC Series versus the ES Series of Dry Cell Systems
The DC Series systems are designed to be affordable and reliable. By simply matching the system to your engine size and choosing your computer management solution, you can design a system for good
Electrolyte Information
The electrolyte is called Potassium Hydroxide (KOH). It's difficult to ship internationally, and much less expensive when you locate local suppliers in your area. Here's some popular sources we
Finding your OBD-2 Port Location - Flash Chip
If you're wishing to confirm whether your car uses the OBD-2 protocol and where the diagnostic port is located, the link below will help. It links to the National OBD Clearinghouse website. htt
Freezing Climate and Temperatures Benefit from PWM Controller
Our most popular handling for colder climates is to upgrade the system with a PWM controller. This allows you to mix the electrolyte solution very concentrated so it won't freeze and the PWM wil
Matching An HHO System To Engine Size
We generally use the 25% of engine size rule for HHO production and matching the correct system to your vehicle. For example, if the engine is 3.6 liters, then it will require about .9 liters of