Electronic Tuning

Electronic Tuning

Upgrading a besic system to include power management abiliities is always a welcome imporvement. PWM technology allows you to set the desired current draw of your HHO system and forget about it. These units can be mounted under the hood (bonnet) and the deluxe models allow remote monitoring and adjustments on the fly.

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KOH (Potassium Hydroxide) Electrolyte

KOH is the Industry Standard for a Powerful Electrolyte
$9.95 (USD)

24V to 12V Converter

Power All Electronic Enhancers on 24 Volt Vehicles
$49.00 (USD)

Frequency Type MAF/MAP Enhancer

The First Universal MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancer
$89.00 (USD)

Deluxe PWM w/LCD Controller

Our Best PWM for all Applications
$274.00 (USD)

Commerical 100A PWM w/LCD Display

Our Best PWM for all Applications
$368.00 (USD)