EFIE - Flash Chips


Many exciting technologies exist to increase the fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines. The key to making any of these systems work is successfully integrating your HHO system with the vehicles' computer control. Advanced HHO offers devices that help satisfy any need for computer correction. This increases the performance of your vehicle, makes it more environmentally friendly, and delivers the positive results you expect.

The showpiece of our product line are the EFIE units which stand for 'Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer'. The EFIE is needed to make all HHO systems effective. For more detailed information on EFIE technology, please see our Data Sheets section.
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24V to 12V Converter

Power All Electronic Enhancers on 24 Volt Vehicles
$49.00 (USD)


EFIE Technology Combines To Cover All Configurations
$89.00 (USD)

Frequency Type MAF/MAP Enhancer

The First Universal MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancer
$89.00 (USD)

Wide Band EFI Enhancer

Finally an EFIE for the Wide Band Exhaust Sensors
$109.00 (USD)

Digital EFIE MAX Quad

EFIE Technology Combines To Cover All Configurations
$109.00 (USD)

Fuel Saver Flash Chip

Modify Your ECU Profile for HHO Demands
$149.00 (USD)